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CNA or certified nursing assistants are health professionals whose main job is to help patients perform their daily activities. Those that are interested in pursuing a career in this profession must at least be a high school graduate or a GED holder.

What does a CNA do?
Certified nursing assistants are health care professionals that give assistance to patients in terms of helping them perform daily living activities such as bathing, grooming, eating and dressing. Due to the expected increase of people going into retirement as well as increased level of care, it is projected that there would be a demand in employment options for certified nursing assistants. This type of profession can indeed be a very lucrative career choice if one is interested in pursuing a health care vocation.

How can one enter a certified nursing assistant program?
If you are interested in pursuing a CNA career you at least must have finished high school or an equivalent GED program in order to be admitted for training. Once you have the minimum educational requirement you can then apply to a certified nursing assistant program being offered by vocational schools, hospitals and even nursing home facilities. The cost and time varies depending on the school or program you’ve chosen but in general it takes about six to twelve weeks of training.

How about licensing and certification?
Federal law states that certified nursing assistant candidates should finish at the very least seventy five hours of relevant training and must hurdle a certification test before being granted a license. Each state have their own regulations about certified nursing assistants so in order to work in a particular state one must first get certification for that state.

Are there any health requirements for each state?
Most US states require CNA graduates to submit records of their immunization status to certain diseases such as varicella, measles, mumps and rubella, measles, meningitis, hepatitis A and B as well as tetanus and pertussis. Candidates must also submit evidence of recent pulmonary tuberculosis screening. Certified nursing assistants also need to prove that they are in good health because the nature of the job is a bit physical and involves a lot of physical exertion such as bending, walking and helping patients walk or carrying them from their wheel chairs to their beds.

Are there any pertinent requirements that I should know before applying to a program?
There are US states that require a criminal background check on CNA applicants. The degree of priors that can result to candidate disqualification is different in each area. Some states require their certified nursing assistants to also hold CPR certification as well. CNAs also may need to reapply for certification every few years depending on state regulations.

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