Becoming a CNA

The basic requirements for becoming a CNA are educational as well as emotional. Those who want to make a career in the field should have the traits of patience, compassion and sympathy. This is to be able to understand the condition of the patients. It is also required to take the certification course, training and exam.

All the jobs in the world need certain qualifications and innate traits to be possessed by the people who take it. Likewise the job of a CNA is no exception. The task of a person who gets into this field does not only require the adequate qualifications, but also demands feelings of compassion and sympathy for the patients. It is impossible to bring a patient who has been rendered helpless by the situations to come back on his feet without showing care and understanding for his health and problems. It requires utmost patience and maturity to handle such conditions. Thus, it does not only take the exams and tests to become nursing assistants; there’s a lot more that needs to be invested!

However, the basic educational qualifications required for a CNA are GED or a high school diploma. These vary from state to state, therefore, it is necessary that one confirms about the particular rules followed in their area properly before taking the exam. After the basic requirement is served, the next step is to take the Certified Nursing Assistant program. This lasts for duration of 6-12 months. It largely includes intense theoretical education about the various aspects of nursing assistance along with a certain amount of hospital training. The course can be taken from various universities, community colleges or even online, however, in case of the online option, one has to come out to undertake the training.
The training lasts for 2-3 weeks and is an essential part of the certification. This is what gives the actual field experience to handle varied kind of situations with patients who can be uncooperative, irritable, disoriented or can behave in the weirdest of manners due to their sickness. It is to see whether one can cope with these situations and maintain a presence of mind through them, that the training of a CNA is important. After accomplishing the training, the pursuing nursing assistants are required to take a test for their certification. The test is divided into a written and a clinical portion. The clinical one tests the practical knowledge of the medical field and the written section is grounded in the values that are required for the job.

It is after clearing these exams that one can take up a job at a nursing home, hospital or for personal care at homes. The search for CNA jobs has been made very simple these days due to the internet facilities. One can come across various openings on the Internet and take those up to establish feet in the field of nursing assistance.

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